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It's Money Smart Week!

Money Smart Week is a national initiative promoting the importance of financial literacy. Knowing how to make sound money decisions is a core skill in today's world, regardless of age.  

Established by members of the non-profit Australian Government Financial Literacy Board, MoneySmart Week 2012 includes:

  • A call to action for all Australians to take the next step in their financial health: 'Do a Money Health Check'.
  • A National Awards program to recognise outstanding achievements in financial literacy.
  • Promotion of existing money management programs, tools and resources.
  • A range of special activities and events in workplaces and the community.

Are you money smart?

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Career break still hurting women's Super

Despite incentives and policy measures aimed at closing the gender gap, the impact of the career break on women's super is still as detrimental as it was ten years ago, a recent report has shown.

The report for the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees showed a 'flat-lining' of women's balances in 2010 between 38-42 and 43-47, as in a decade ago. 

Commenting on the findings, AIST CEO Fiona Reynolds said it was concerning that policies and incentives to save through super had not helped to address the gender gap issue.

"The super gender gap is still as large today as it was in 2002 because women are still spending five to six years out of paid work to raise children and they still earn,  on average, nearly 20% less than men," said Ms Reynolds.

The survey reinforces the importance of making voluntary super contributions, according to Phillipsons Financial Adviser, Katrina Van Gunst.

"Regular salary sacrificing, even a small amount, can make a big difference to your bottom line over time" she explains. 

"Why pay the tax man extra when you could be building for your retirement?"


Katrina Van Gunst is a Financial Adviser at Phillipsons and the perfect person to speak to about building your Superannuation savings. Telephone 5144 5207 to make an appointment.


Builders under the hammer...

The Federal Government introduced new reporting obligations that commenced on July 1 this year. They mandate that all building and construction businesses must report the total payments they make to each contractor for services provided. Payment reports need to be lodged by July 21 2013.
So keep those invoices handy to report on in a year's time, and remember that the reporting requirement is for services only, not equipment.
If you're still not sure what to do, contact your Phillipsons' accountant.



To find out more about your reporting requirements, telephone one of our friendly tax specialists on 
5144 4566

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Are you heading for health problems?

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare recently revealed:

  • 91 per cent of adults are not eating enough vegetables and 50 per cent are not eating enough fruit
  • 36 per cent of adults are overweight and 25 per cent are obese

Poor dietary intake increases the risk of developing chronic diseases (such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers) which contribute to the total burden of disease in Australia. 

Poor diet can also lead to obesity, which is itself a risk factor for chronic disease. 23% of children aged 2–16 and 60% of adults in Australia are overweight or obese.

Healthy Inspirations in Sale is a provider of Free Life! courses to help prevent diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Fully funded by the Victorian Government for men and women. More information is at       


For practical solutions to your eating dilemmas via a personal consultation, group presentation or tailored workshop, contact Kirsten Mackintosh at Healthy Inspirations on 51432166.

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Heading North: Wrong way go back!

It seems that even a man on horseback can make a wrong turn! Catch up with Sam via his Facebook page for all the latest news on quest to raise money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Phillipsons has already donated to the cause. You can too. To donate, for more info and to follow Sam's progress, go to:

We wish Sam all the best as he enters the final half of his journey - well done Sam, a great effort mate!



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