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Welcome to our August issue of Business e-Bulletin.

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London 2012 ...the Social Media Olympics?

TheLondon Olympics have been nicknamed the 'social media games' for the rush of online marketing activity they have generated. From Facebook to Twitter and back again, the big corporates are interacting with us in ways not previously available during an Olympic year. 

Experts describe the Commonwealth Bank's 'Change Can't to Can' campaign as one of the stand outs. Facebook users are encouraged to share their own 'can' story to inspire our athletes and, in so doing, become eligible to win a prize from the bank.

Unfortunately, the athlete spearheading the 'can't to can' campaign is none other than swimmer, James Magnussen. No doubt he is wishing he could change 'didn't' to 'did'!



 Click here to visit The Commonwealth Bank on Facebook


What is Innovation?

Most people think innovation means making a major change to  the status quo - think lightbulbs, telephones, television ...
But this is confusing innovation with invention...

An innovation doesn't have to be something completely new; it can involve doing the same thing you've always done, but doing it better!

In business, innovation is often an ongoing process of incremental changes to improve efficiency and service. Ideally, it should becomes a feature of your organisation's culture; to constantly be on the lookout for better ways to do things.

Examples of small business innovation may include:

  • Streamlining your client booking process e.g. an email or SMS confirmation instead of a phonecall
  • Product improvements, which include improvements to the delivery channel eg consolidating suppliers or joining a buying group to optimise your bargaining power
  • Introducing social media as part of your advertising mix, which may be as simple as joining Facebook.

So next time you introduce an improvement to your business product or processes, give yourself a pat on the back for being an 'innovator'. It's one more hat you can wear as a successful small business owner!




You don't have to be Albert Einstein to be innovative in your business!

We can help you make your business more efficient.

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Facebook to become an e-Commerce hub?

Experts are predicting that Facebook will soon become an eCommerce hub, after the Commonwealth Bank recently revealed its plans for a new personal banking app on the social networking site.

The news comes hot on the heels of a revelation from a keen-eyed developer who spotted a piece of code in Facebook that references a "want" button, presumably to be used in relation to products…

One thing's for sure; consumers will be the one to benefit if Facebook takes on ebay as Australia's premier online shopping site. 


Click here to read a user friendly article about whether your business should be on Facebook


Gippslander defies the downturn ...

Local food giant, Patties, is combatting the economic downturn with the introduction of new products. The newest additions to the Four'N Twenty range of "Aussie Classics" are a chicken parma pie and a spag bol flavoured pie.

What's next - a flake and chips pie?

Do you review your product line-up on a regular basis?
Take a fresh look at your business may be surprised what you see!


Heading North: Sam Alexander is in Queensland!

Sam will shortly leave the horses for a week and fly from the Gold Coast to Victoria to present at the 'The National University Rural Health Conference' from 10-11 August. He'll then head back up north and expects to be in Toowoomba in the third week of August. 

We introduced you to Sam Alexander in early 2012. He is undertaking a solo 5,330km journey on horseback on the Bicentennial National Trail (BNT), to raise money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Phillipsons has already donated to the cause. You too can donate! To donate, for more info and to follow his progress, go to:


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