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Phillipsons Forum March 2012

(Registrations have closed for this event.)

Fair Work: what every employer needs to know

In March 2012, we will be hosting a presentation that focuses on issues facing employers, and specifically the impact of Fair Work legislation.

With the Fair Work Act and its set of 10 National Employment Standards, every business in Australia needs to have compliant employment agreements in place. You need to understand the exact process for dismissing or exiting an employee and handle everyday staff issues in accordance with the new rules.

The truth is that most small and medium-sized businesses without dedicated HR professionals are finding that these new rules present complex challenges. The Fair Work Ombudsman has become increasingly proactive in conducting audits across a wide range of industries.

Those business owners found to have contravened workplace laws are facing huge fines and orders of back pay, even where the breaches have been innocent mistakes.

If you are an employer, we encourage you to attend this event.

David Bates, Employer Relations Manager and Managing Director of Workforce Guardian, is our special guest presenter for the event and he will cover the following key issues:

  • How the Fair Work Act affects your business.

  • Applying the new Modern Award to your business.

  • Requirements of the new National Employment Standards.

  • Avoiding unfair dismissal claims.

  • Benefits of negotiating an enterprise agreement.

When:   Thursday, 15 March 2012
Where: Thyme on York Room, Sporting Legends, York St, Sale
Time:    4pm OR 6pm (please state preference when booking)

Places are sure to fill quickly, so please register by 6 March 2012 to ensure your spot.

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Phone:  03 5144 4566

* Workforce Guardian is a leading employment relations service, providing expert advice and support in relation to Fair Work legislation, Modern Awards and Enterprise Agreements.